The real estate business is booming; the market is highly competitive. ImmobilienScout24 uses its magazine “Freiraum” to inform clients in an entertaining fashion about current trends and to provide valuable data and tips around commercialization and self-representation.

Print and digital

“Freiraum” is issued as a classic print version as well as in a digital format as a magazine app for tablets. Video and audio elements enrich stories and interactive graphics make complex topics even more understandable.

Data and facts

ImmobilienScout24 has a tremendous data treasure at its disposal. Regular studies and market research continuously strengthen this asset. Various infographics and illustrations make this data treasure accessible and understandable for readers.

Tips and checklists

What does the perfect exposé look like? How can realtors utilize social media to present themselves in a professional manner? Specialists at ImmobilienScout24 share their knowledge in “Freiraum” and provide comprehensive tips and guidance.